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Meet the Speakers

Anna Rose Bain
Passionate and Prominent American Artist/Mother/Wife
"I MUST paint"

Anna Rose Bain is a rising star among art collectors and the art world.  She can often be found in award winning positions of notable art competitions, or on the front cover of prominent art publications like Art Connoisseur, Art of the West, Southwest Art, American Art Collector and with over with 65,000 followers and her youtube channel.   She engages in training developing artists through her extensive volume of online teaching videos.  Beginning with her childhood passion and relentless drawing, she has earned these accolades with hard work, tenacity, paired with the inner compulsion and gifting from God that she cannot quench, nor would she want to.

Anna joins the Ascend conference to teach Portrait and Figurative painting, but she also will share her personal journey of faith in the midst of the artist's world, and also her struggles.  She counts 2023 as one of her most difficult years yet.   But God has shaped her and molded her and her family, and her art through it. 

Anna Rose Bain
Self Portraits

 Jason Squires
Worship Leader/Songwriter/Speaker/Podcaster

     Jason is a worship leader, songwriter, and speaker.  He travels nationally leading worship and teaching at conferences.  His passion is leading people to Jesus through creativity and inspiring creatives to reach their full potential. 

     Along with being a musician, Jason is the Director of The Creative Launch which is an organization designed to help creatives have the tools to thrive. Jason does that by one on one coaching. Jason’s passion is leading people to Jesus through creativity and inspiring creatives to reach their full potential.   You can catch Jason on his weekly podcast called The Table, interviewing hundreds of well known worship leaders, gaining wisdom to rise to the task well.  Streaming on all major podcast platforms. Jason married his wife in 2007, has three daughters, and together they reside in Northern California.

Creative Launch mentoring testimony.  "Before I met Jason, the dreamer inside of me was lost and broken. It was through Jason’s coaching and lots of prayer that I began to dream again. One thing that Jason taught me is that being a creative means having ideas, but having ideas means nothing if you don’t take action. With his experience, skills, joyful nature, and encouraging spirit, Jason guides you towards dreaming big AND taking the necessary steps to bring big dreams into reality.”

Amber Bricker

Sam Peck
Lead Pastor at Philippi Church Grants Pass
Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 10-04-37 Gospel-Centered Church in Grants Pass - Philippi.png

Sam Peck is lead pastor at Philippi Church in Grants Pass.  For over 20 years Sam has served as a worship leader at prominent churches and worship events.  He has a tremendous heart for leading others to Christ and focused discipleship.  He has been an inspiring instructor at Ascend conference in our music for the past two years and plays epic guitar! 


Masterpiece is committed to honoring the authority of the Scriptures for all of life and practices, including the tremendously exciting teachings and examples from the Scriptures on the purpose and practice of the creative gifts from the original Creator.  Sam and his church are devoted to these truths and are highly supportive of integrating the creative arts into the church.  He will immerse us in the Biblical perspective of the creative gifts and how God is using them in powerful ways in current culture.




Jeanne Randall is the President and founder of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation. She is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a degree in elementary education and has taught in elementary school and served on the local school board for 14 years. 


A lover of fine art, she is passionate about watching artists reach their full potential as people uniquely gifted by God to "speak" powerfully into current culture. She has been the curator and catalyst for the Masterpiece Fine Arts traveling exhibits presented to over 50,000 guests in major cities throughout the West and Southwest. She has been the director and speaker at Masterpiece conferences in Oregon since 2006 including those in Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona.. She also served 15 years as event coordinator of the Green Springs Box R Ranch, a guest and retreat ranch and wedding venue in Ashland, Oregon which was operated by her family for over 45 years.  She still is engaged with her family businesses Box R Ranch, Box R Rock and Capstone Development and serves as Trustee for her family's Foundation..

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