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Sheet Music and Guitar
Sheet Music and Guitar


These musicians, songwriters, worship leaders, are dedicated to connecting with each student to provide enhanced technical instruction and expanded knowledge to build their musical skills.  The rest of our team will be announced asap !   We hope each guest will leave uniquely equipped to convey to their world the hope, love, truth, and passion of Christ!



What a privilege Michael Bahn is joining us again in the Ascend 2024  Music Track!  You sing his songs at your church which have topped Christian charts.  He’s worked with numerous notable national artists, including Lincoln Brewster, Jared Anderson, Don Moen, Brothers McClurg, Phil Stacey, Brandon Bee, Kate White, and Chris & Conrad. Michael recently released his fifth worship album entitled “Clean” in January 2019 featuring top 10 CCLI charting worship favorites such as "Lion & The Lamb," "This is Amazing Grace" and "Good Good Father" plus studio and acoustic recordings of his original songs "Clean" and “You Are God." In addition to his ministry at River Valley Fellowship in Grants Pass Oregon, as Executive Pastor of Worship Creative Arts, Michael travels extensively, encouraging and equipping church leaders around the world. His songs are being translated and sung around the world as well.   He values shepherding people through worship and teaching leaders as they seek to be more effective in laying down their lives in ministry....



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Jason Squires is a worship leader, songwriter, and storyteller. Jason travels nationally leading worship and teaching at conferences. Along with being an artist, Jason is the Director of The Creative Launch which is an organization designed to help creatives have the tools to thrive. Jason does that by one on one coaching. Jason’s passion is leading people to Jesus through creativity and inspiring creatives to reach their full potential.  as As a worship leader are you overwhelmed, challenged and need a circle of others who get you and what you desire to do?  You can catch Jason on his weekly podcast called The Table, interviewing hundreds of well known worship leaders, gaining wisdom to rise to the task well.  Streaming on all major podcast platforms. Jason married his wife in 2007, has three daughters, and together they reside in Northern California.



Jeremy is a multi-instrumentalist producer, recording artist, and vocalist. From touring, to recording and producing countless records for various artists, to leading worship for the last 10 years, to mentoring others in music production, Jeremy is passionate about authenticity and helping artists to find their calling. He currently produces and mixes records for musicians at his Recording Studio,  Stereo Creature in Medford, Oregon.  Indie Rock Cafe says "Oliveria’s style definitely engages with the critical writing style that shows a keen eye for assessing the world. The easy going guitar and percussion work lull the listener into hearing from the sage lyrical message delivered by the lead vocal."  He has a heart for the experiences and  soul of the young in current culture who are often without hope and his music often finds a home with them outside the walls of the church.

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Sam has been leading worship at churches in Southern Oregon for more than a decade. For six of those years, he served as the worship pastor at Heritage Christian Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. His last five years have been spent in Grants Pass as the church-planting pastor of Philippi, a gospel centered/creatives affirming church. Sam has a specific passion for drawing the attention and adoration of the church upward to the preeminence and glory of Christ above all. He sees the role of worship leader as the primary calling of any pastor, regardless of their title.


Ascend will be offering  work sessions for an array of instruments, with particular focus on opportunity for participation in worship settings and specific skill set advancement.  How does your instrument fit in a worship setting?  How do worship leaders expand their inclusion of more instruments on the team.  Or in whatever context you play, you will be more equipped. Advancement in your instrument skill takes dedicated practice over time.  But our partnering professionals will help to raise your technical awareness and abilities to advance your gifts and expand your vision.  We hope again to offer keyboard, guitar, string instruments and possibly brass.  Availability of classes depends on interest indicated at registration.

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