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The Fine Art of Words Precisely Crafted & Performed with Power and Passion

One and Two Day Workshops

$85 for One Day or  $150 for Two Days

From 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. includes group sessions,

workshops and lunch and dinner

Ascend 2024 is excited to host its 2nd  year of Poetry workshops as we embrace the fine art of poetic expression led by the expert prosaist and performer Amirah David, and Writer and teacher Deanna Chadwell.  This year we are also joined by Matthew Shelton, of Shelton Studios who lends his decades of professional theater acting/producing/ and oration expertise to the workshop.  Matthew has 25 years of teaching experience for actors at the Shelton Studios and San Francisco Art Institute.  And Rousseaux Brasseur, writer, poet, producer and performer with passionate and profound readings.


The art of precisely crafting the riches of deep vocabulary nuances takes depth of craftsmanship and rhythmic meter.  And in this cultural moment there is a surge of interest in what the fine art of poetry can give the world through deeply thoughtful and soothing expressions of truth, beauty and nobility that guide the soul. With decades of experience skilled poet/writers will facilitate the sessions.  Opportunity will also be explored to create short videos of one's work.


Day 1:

Amirah hosts Day 1 guiding poets to explore and expand your own world of poetry that lives inside you and is given to you by God.  Spend the day creating new poetry content with new and interesting prompts, food for thought, exercises and new perspectives to help you find words you didn't know you had!  We will be writing and sharing all day.


Day 2:

Take it to the next level!


Option 1: Want to write more? Spend the day writing and learning with Deana Chadwell to take the technical aspect of your poetry writing to the next level.

Option 2: Want to explore spoken word performance and/or creative expression of poetry with film? Work with Matthew Shelton and Amirah David to find your expressive voice.  We will explore performance skills, and for those interested, Amirah David can provide instruction on how to use poetry as the inspiration and back-drop for creative film-making (that you can do right from your phone or computer)!


 In the Greek means "workmanship".  As the Scriptures say WE are His "Poiema" created in Christ Jesus for good works that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:20)  Workshop will be filled with hands on exercises that hone this fine art.

  Be sure to bring any of your works to share, notebook (paper or electronic) , preferred pens/pencils, all the accouterments that make you a joyous writer and composer .

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