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This year, learn from the Realism and Impressionistic beauty of Award winning Oil Painter Anna Rose Bain,  and Oil Painting and Drawing Fundamentals with Charity Hubbard / Rogue Classical Atelier.

Art Track Offerings
2 and 3 Day Classes

"Capturing Soul and Spirit: Painting the Portrait and Figure from Life"
3 Day Workshop

(Anna's class is now full.  BUT you can still come meet her, hear her speak and see her work on Saturday night, June 22d at 6:45 p.m. for our open to the public evenings). )This workshop will focus on painting beautiful portraits from life. We will discuss the ways to capture a likeness using gesture, form, edges, values, and clean color. There will be an instructor demonstration each morning, followed by one-on-one instruction in the afternoon.  Live models will be used for figurative work.
Some drawing experience is strongly recommended if you wish to attend this class, as we will be diving right into color and Anna will share her approach to painting the portrait alla prima, or “all at once.” 
Anna is an articulate instructor who shares her entire thought process while she works. Whether you are new to painting portraits or an advanced artist looking to overcome a creative plateau, Anna will be able to spur you forward in your artistic journey. Space is limited to 15 students so sign up early.

$375 per person (Space is limited to 15 participants. Please register early)

a Three Day Crash Course
(Also available online option)




If you have always wanted to paint, are a beginner, or are intermediate but have never learned the proper methods, this is the class for you.  As with any honed skill, it’s important to get a strong foundation and to build on solid ground.  In this class you will have 3 days to benefit from tried and true classical atelier methods.  You will learn:


  •  The chemistry of oil paint and mediums

  •  Best ways to apply paint and in brush work. 

  • How to compose strong and eye catching paintings that will be noticed from across a room or a gallery

  • How to see correct value within color, which is a significant challenge for beginning and intermediate painters

  • Learn classical exercise as a vital jump start to accelerate your growing skill and its’ place in your arsenal

  • The importance of starting with a limited palette and how to grow beyond it into expanded palettes


The first day of the 3 day workshop will focus on “How to Draw like a Painter” as a means of exercise work to bolster your painting skill. You can expect to finish several projects and exercise work during the 3 days, then leave this workshop with gained skill, excited to continue with learned exercise and a specific plan for future projects and growth, aimed at continuing to grow in your skill, further strengthening your painters arsenal even after the workshop.  Expect to also benefit from a bump up in painters confidence, knowing you have been bolstered with foundational footing! 

Charity will be teaching two tracks simultaneously as she does in her studio classes, One for Fundamentals of Oil Painting as well as the Classical Drawing Methods.

In person workshop:  $285 per person

Online:  $225

Two Day Workshop




(Online live workshop also availalbe)


 This is an exceptional track for those who aspire to excellence in their drawing work.  Studies will focus on these areas:


 1st Day (20th)/(Early Bird Add-on option) - Drawing in large masses, acknowledging volume (3D) rather than 2 dimensional lines Intro to the excellent medium of Pan Pastel


Regular 2 Day Workshop

Life Drawing Methods using still life and casts

Classical Drawing Methods using a photo reference (provided).  Upon sign up - Please communicate your areas of interest to Charity - do they lean towards landscape/figures/portraiture/still life or perhaps all of the above?

Charity will be teaching two tracks simultaneously, Drawing and Oil Painting, as she does in her studio classes,

In person class:  $199 early registration/$235 after May 10th

Online: $150 two day (Friday and Saturday)  -

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