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Behind the Scenes
Videography/ Behind and in front of the Camera

 Film making/Videography with Jeff Bates
Fine Tuning
Your Performance
with Matt Shelton

Join the experience in video and film production and acting/performance.  Expand your skills and proficiency
as a videographer, actor or producer with Masterpiece's partner professional film makers
Jeff Bates and actor/producer Matt Shelton.

Jeff Bates

Ascend  is pleased to present the opportunity to work with filmmaker and producer Jeff Bates of Parabolic Visuals to give students a direct experience in film making and videography.  Jeff has decades of experience behind the camera and is an expert storyteller through film.  Most recently Jeff worked filming on the set of the popular series, The Chosen.  Workshop will explore story choice, set preparation, on-site filming, editing, music,  mood, and other insights from the eye of the producer.  Students will gain experience to become great storytellers through film techniques.

Matt Ross Shelton Shelton(1).png

Matthew Ross Shelton

Matthew Shelton of the famed Shelton Studios in San Francisco has produced, directed, and acted in over 80 theater productions and 20 short films and one feature film.  He has curated over 500 live events in two venues over 30+ years.  He has collaborated with international artists and actors in the UK and Ukraine.  He has overseen and directed all aspects of theater production.  He has taught acting for over 25 years at the Shelton Studios and has taught film at the San Francisco Art Institute and the College of the Arts.   He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Matt Shelton will work with actors to produce short video biographies or personal experiences.  Matt will help strengthen your ability to communicate and use voice, expression, posture and personal presence to enhance your effectiveness as a communicator.   Samples exercises may use may use : Biblical characters, historical figures or personal testimonies.

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