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Be a dynamic storyteller through videos + video best practices

and technique + performance.

A Two Day experience.

Participants grab your camera, tablet and gear to understand the dynamics of effective story telling through video, with techniques, the most user friendly professional apps and programs and tools designed to help you created professional looking videos.  For those who primarily want to be behind the camera, Jeff Bates, Parabolic Visual will lead participants through the storytelling and techniques that create a great short film or video. 


For those who desire to be in front of the camera Matt Shelton will coach participants through effective speaking, acting and performance exercises for honing the art of communication. Matt has over 25 years of work in film production and has been the director and producer of over 500 productions and has taught film and acting at The Art Institute in San Francisco and the Fame Shelton Studios in San Francisco.  Whether you're interested in telling life stories or veering toward  a fully professional career track this workshop will guide you through a step by step to success.

Workshop will cover everything you need to know to create a short high quality video that stands out form the pack. We will cover camera set-up and fundamentals, as well as camera movement, composition, and lens choices. We will explore lighting, the key to creating your image. Visuals are only half of a film, so we will look at best practices for recording audio. Finally we will put all of this together in editing, showing how to edit, color, and produce a finished short video "

$199 if you register by May 10th

$235 after May 10th



This cultural moment needs an army of capable videographers to flood the online world with truth, beauty and hope.  We hope that includes you!  This is your moment!



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