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Dr. Rick Booye is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Trail Christian Fellowship in Eagle Point, Oregon. He also one of the of founders and teachers of Theology at Pacific Bible College in Medford, Oregon. He is a graduate of Biola University (B.A. in Biblical Studies) and Western Seminary in Portland, OR. (M.A. Exegetical Theology and D.Min.). Pastor Rick brings over 40 years of experience to a Biblical worldview, and his passion is “helping people think like Jesus” with the foundation, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."

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Jeanne Randall is the President and founder of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation. She is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a degree in elementary education and has taught in elementary school and served on the local school board for 12 years. 


A lover of fine art, she is passionate about watching artists reach their full potential as people uniquely gifted by God to "speak" powerfully into current culture. She has been the curator and catalyst for the Masterpiece Fine Arts traveling exhibits presented to over 45,000 guests in major cities throughout the West and Southwest. She has been the director and speaker at Masterpiece conferences since 2006. She also served 15 years as event coordinator of the Green Springs Box R Ranch, a guest and retreat ranch and wedding venue in Ashland, Oregon which was operated by her family for over 45 years.  She still is engaged with her family businesses Box R Ranch, Box R Rock and Excavation and Capstone Development.

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Matt grew up in Southern California. After a stint with the US Army Special Forces, he used his Medic experience to become an RN in ICU and ER. In 1996, Matt joined the pastoral staff at Trail Christian Fellowship and was soon teaching Church History at Pacific Bible College.


After almost 25 years of vocational ministry, Matt retired from TCF in 2019. He continues to teach at PBC and has taken on narrating audiobooks to round things out. Matt continues to offer counseling, visitation, and support where & when the Lord reveals a need.




Mera has always loved art, but it wasn't until she encountered the living God that she feels her art and skill level blossomed in new ways. Like in the story of Exodus where God gave skill to craftsmen and artists to build the sacred place He would meet again with His people, she believes artists are gifted with abilities to create art that allows one to encounter the living God; it is a meeting place, so to speak. Along with working in painting, Mera engages in chalk festivals where artists spend days on the asphalt creating large chalk murals in the streets. She feels that involving the public in the process of creating art is special for many reasons: emphasizing the importance of the arts within community and how beauty is a form of unity, crafting a universal language that speaks of the human experience we all live, and sharing in the spiritual and emotional journey no one can escape. Mera strives to put meaning into her artwork, yearning to express deeper messages within it and capturing the moments we can relate to one another in. As a mother, her three young children offer great inspiration for that. She and her husband Jeremy, who is a musician, collaborate with their skills often.

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Frank Ordaz is legend. By the age of seven, he knew wanted to be an artist, and he studied at the prestigious Art Center of Design in Pasadena. His career has taken him to the Hollywood studios of George Lucas Films, Star Wars, E.T., Return of the Jedi, Ewok film, the White House (yes, that big one in Washington), George Bush Presidential Library, many galleries and private homes.  He is a portrait and landscape artist,  Additionally Frank is a cultural thinker and philosopher, and engages regularly in secular discussions and forums to bring the winsomely wise and poignant gospel worldview to listeners.  He lives and has a downtown studio in Auburn, California.

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