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Ah, the joy and power of music! Music has dynamic, universal elements which we will all look at together in full group and break out sessions. Each day your specialized area of study will help you hone and enrich your specific musical craft.


First, pick a focus path with professional musicians and teachers, a course of study and discovery perfectly suited for your interests and talents!  Choose from:  Songwriting, Instrumentals, Vocal,  Worship:

Leading or Collaborating in Worship, or Producing and Recording.  Pick additional breakout sessions of interest when you register.

Writing Music


One of the highest purposes of music in the Biblical worldview is to worship through music and to lead others in worship. This all-group session explores worship as modeled in the Bible and throughout the centuries. How do we worship personally? And, how does current church worship align with Biblical truth? What makes great worship music? Is there a place for hymns and smoke on the stage? Join us to answer these questions and many more.

Worship Services


How do you prepare spiritually and musically to lead worship? How do you choose an appropriate set of songs, and what is the criteria? It is critical to know how to work with a team of other musicians and vocalists in traditional settings or to effectively usher others into the worship and praise of God. How can you best perform to model and encourage others with humility and power? Learn about this and more in this immersive group session.

looking at art


The following are breakout sessions to attend.  Each topic is either a one-, two-, or three-session experience depending on the number of participants who show interest.

Sound Board


Experience hands-on learning with long-time producers and music professionals. In the recording track. you will get the chance for a deep dive into the fundamentals of modern recording, vocal production, mixing, arranging, and the strength of collaboration. There will be a workstation on-site for a true hands-on experience.

Female Singer and Bass Guitar


Whether for worship or for personal expression, songwriting is one of the most powerful communication tools on the planet. What makes a great song? What are some characteristic examples from songs we all love? And how do you compose a song that is compelling and evokes the meaning and purpose for which it is intended that moves the hearts and minds of listeners? 

Listening to Music


Don't get stuck to sheet music and written chords. Understand the fundamentals of the dynamic and systematic theory of great music to set free your mind and your fingers. Our team will run through a series of chord patterns and progressions that can create harmonic beauty and unique tonal interest.



For those with basic skills in keyboard knowledge and notes, this workshop will expand your chording to include a great richness and diversity of sound.. Do you play piano or keyboard with a chord-based, rhythmic approach, similar to the way a guitarist plays their instrument? There will be a focus on playing piano in a worship environment, both as a soloist and with a band. Previous musical experience, especially on the piano, will allow students to get the most out of this course.

If you have your own keyboard and are able to bring it for the days of the workshop, please do. Otherwise, a few practice keyboards will be available.

Dj on Stage


This track will focus on vocal technique and improving the quality and clarity of your singing voice. Sessions will focus on aspects such as vocal function exercises and note patterns and single notes designed to refine your ability in a particular part of your range, how to develop vocal stamina, song choice, etc. for excelling in your vocal performance and using your voice for the glory of God.

Man Playing Guitar


Whether it's playing and perfecting chords, fingering, runs, or sonic possibilities on a guitar, this workshop can expand your repertoire of skills. For those wanting to learn new possibilities on their instrument, our instructors will enhance your skills and broaden your vision. 

Playing Cello


Are you a cellist or want to be? Your talent is important in the Kingdom of God and deserves an expanded role in the church. Our expert instructor will work with you, no matter what is your proficiency level.

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