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Empowering the Fine Art of Prose Precisely Crafted

Ascend 2024 is excited to host its 2nd  year of Poetry workshops as we embrace the fine art of poetic expression.  The art of precisely crafting the riches of deep vocabulary nuances takes depth of craftsmanship and rhythmic meter.  And in this cultural moment poets can give the world deeply thoughtful and soothing expressions of truth, beauty and nobility that guide the soul. With decades of experience skilled poet/writers will facilitate the sessions.


Participants can choose their focus on word and prose study + crafting


Writing + video + performance


Amirah David says she writes poetry as a way to connect with God, make meaning of the human experiences, and process the challenges of life. As a way to further this love and encourage others she has helped to found "Poiema", a group at her church that meets to create and read poetry., In the Greek means "workmanship".  As the Scriptures say WE are His "Poiema" created in Christ Jesus for good works that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:20 Workshop will be filled with hands on exercises that hone this fine art.

Amirah and Jessie will launch the workshop on Friday with their flare for the written and spoken word and run participants through  a morning and afternoon session of listening, writing and collaborating.  Be sure to bring any of your works to share, notebook (paper or electronic) , preferred pens/pencils, all the accouterments that make you a joyous writer and composer .

On Saturday Deana will  teach two 3-hour workshops – the first on writing sonnets, and the second on writing villanelles. The courses will involve first an hour of immersion into these poetic forms and then a step-by-step approach that allows the participants to write their own pieces in these genres.  

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