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This year, learn from the vast expertise of skyscape artist Linda Glover Gooch, Sculptor Kevin Christman and Drawing Fundamentals with Rogue Classical Atelier.

Track Offerings

3 Day Workshop

Billowing clouds come in countless shapes, sizes, and various colors. Participants will work with photographs with low horizons giving a focus on how to handle different skies, including sunsets, stormy scenes, and beautiful thunderheads. Linda will provide several photographs and students are encouraged to bring photos of skies that they would like to paint. Students will learn to create skies with detailed color mixing lessons that gives the painting life, going beyond just copying a photograph. Special attention to values, composition and edges will be discussed along with several examples of clouds in progress. This workshop will include instructor demonstrations.

"My passion is helping others reach their goals as Painters. Being an Art teacher for over forty years I've come to realize just what painters need and want. With my detailed instructions, students begin to find their own voice and become better skilled at their craft. Helping them enjoy the journey is a big part of what I share."  - Linda

$350 for 3 Day Workshop includes lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, lunch on Thursday and all conference activities.



Kevin has been teaching figurative sculpture for over 20 years and is an exciting and engaging instructor. 

This workshop will be focusing on sculpting the clothed human form relating to a biblical theme. We will work from a live model and work through classical understanding of sculptural form and technique using plasticine clay.

Class will use both live clothed models and still life arrangements for class exercises in design and practice. 




Great drawing skills are the backbone of all great painting. This two-day class will focus first on drawing a still life and a human figure.  Workshop and study will include:


- Study of the skull

- Light and shadow on the plains of the face

- Study of individual facial feature structure

- How to create strong portraiture composition/design with use of value massing

- Drawing people from life and from photo reference


Though this is a drawing class, integral knowledge will be gained to support and enrich skill towards masterful portrait painting.  The class will include foundational studies that will be useful for beginning, intermediate and even advanced portrait artists if they feel that their foundational studies might have any gaps in the above mentioned areas.  


Charity Hubbard, founder of Rogue Classical Atelier, has been a classical art instructor for 16 years and is experienced in giving students accelerate their growth in a way that is practical, yet inspiring. Helping artists grow in skill is Charity's passion, and she is experienced in accessing where each particular student is in their journey to help them progress in their craft.  


Skill level: Beginner to intermediate


Charity will want you to provide your email address as soon as possible so that she can send you online lessons ahead of time. She also hopes to communicate with you about your goals and skill level ahead of the workshop, if possible. For more about Charity or rogue Classical Atelier, visit

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