This year, learn from the vast expertise of Frank Ordaz and the foundational elegance of Charity Hubbard. 

Track Offerings



We are thrilled to have Frank with us to instruct artists in a variety of techniques and styles. This hands-on portrait and figurative painting workshop. will help artists learn how to recognize your "Voice" as an artist and break out of old patterns. Artists will  examine composition, values,  style,  color palette, and details that give expression and the finishing touches that set your portrait work apart.  Guided exercises will take participants through practice steps  of working with a live model.

Skill level:  Artists with a moderate to intermediate amount of experience will best benefit from this class.  Not suitable for beginners.


Frank considers the dignity of every human being worthy of a  portrait.



Great drawing skills are the backbone of all great painting. This two-day class will focus first on drawing the human figure on day-one.  Day two will guests will paint a simple portrait with a monochromatic palette to take those fundamental drawing skills and transfer them to paints. This course is for beginners, or intermediate students, or those wanting a refresher on the fundamentals of drawing and painting the human figure.


Charity has been a classical art instructor for 14 years and is experienced in giving students accelerate their growth in a way that is practical, yet inspiring. Helping artists grow in skill is Charity's passion, and she is experienced in accessing where each particular student is in their journey to help them progress in their craft.  

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate


Charity will want you to provide your email address as soon as possible so that she can send you online lessons ahead of time. She also hopes to communicate with you about your goals and skill level ahead of the workshop, if possible. For more about Charity, visit