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These musicians, song writers, worship leaders, technicians, each in their specific area of expertise, are dedicated to connecting with each student to provide enhanced techniques and expanded knowledge that build their musical skills. Each guest will leave uniquely equipped to convey to their world the hope, love, truth, and passion of Christ!

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Matt Combe


Music Director @ The Story

Matt Combe has been studying the effects music can have on the listener throughout his entire life. To him, music is a vehicle that carries words on its back. Through blues and folk, he’s found ways to reveal truth to listeners through his meaningful lyrics and guitar. 
His music has an existentially thoughtful, intense, and bluesy quality. It has also been transported and influenced by his travels with missions trips and pure curiosity. Matt will be teaching tracks on song composition, worship, and vocal training.


Jeremy Oliveria

Musician/Songwriter/Worship Leader @ Rogue Valley Fellowship

Jeremy Oliveria is a multi-instrumentalist producer, recording artist, and worship pastor. From touring, to recording and producing countless records for various artists, to leading worship for the last 10 years, to mentoring high schoolers in music production, Jeremy is passionate about authenticity and helping artists to find their calling. He is currently the Pastor of Worship and Arts at RVF in Medford and runs a studio called Eleos where he produces and mixes records.

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Michael Bahn

Creative Arts Administrator

Michael Bahn is the Executive Pastor of Creative Arts & Administration at River Valley Church in Grants Pass, OR. As a worship artist and songwriter, he records and releases his music, actively teaches on worship leadership and songwriting through conferences and seminars worldwide, serves as a staff writer and worship leader mentor for Worship Leader Magazine, and soon will join the faculty to teach Worship Leadership for Pacific Bible College in Medford, Oregon.

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Sam Peck

Worship Pastor

Sam Peck has been leading worship at church, vocationally, in Southern Oregon for ten years. Six of those years he served as the worship pastor at Heritage Christian Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. His last two years have been spent in Grants Pass as the church-planting pastor of a church called Philippi. Sam has a specific passion for drawing the attention and adoration of the church upward to the preeminence and glory of Christ above all. He sees the role “worship leader” as the primary calling of any pastor, regardless of their role or title.

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Nick James

Music Producer/Drummer

Nick James is a music producer and drummer and has worked with the likes of Keith Urban, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown, Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens, and Downer Inc. He runs a studio called DRMR out of Medford, Oregon and is passionate about young creatives finding their voice.

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Demian Norvell

Music Producer

Demian Norvell is a multi-instrumentalist whose 30 years of audio production experience includes recording, mixing, and musician credits on over 70 album releases and countless singles as well as video and audiobook post-production. His interest in electronic music led to early adoption of “in-the-box” computer-based composition, recording, mixing, and mastering techniques. Demian currently oversees the A/V creative team at Trail Christian Fellowship and lives with his family in the beautiful Upper Rogue.

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Seth Stanley

Worship Pastor

Seth Stanley is the worship pastor at FBC Medford and is the son of a career worship leader, so he quite literally grew up on stage at churches. He began drumming for worship teams when he was 8 and has been leading bands since he started high school. He has a Bachelors in Biblical Studies from George Fox and is passionate about training worship leaders.


Tom Cox

Songwriter/Worship Leader

Tom Cox is a songwriter, pastor, and recording artist. He was a founding member of the band Falling Up where he co-wrote five #1 Billboard Christian Rock Singles with the group. He has been a full-time Music Pastor and Youth Pastor for the last 7 years and currently works at MTN Church with his wife and 4 kids.


Steve Hopkins

Worship/Technical Arts Pastor

Steve Hopkins is maestro with the guitar. Having played in both worship and secular settings for over 50 years, Steve is a master at improv, creative chording structure, fingering finesse, and harmonics, and his knack for instruction will give students fantastic new tools in the guitar as toolbox of sound. He currently serves as worship leader and technical arts pastor at Table Rock Fellowship in Medford, Oregon.


Shelley Kristen Jones

Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader and Vocal Coach

Shelley Kristen Jones' main passion in life is to worship God, bring people into the depths of His presence, and help others develop their musical gifting for the Kingdom of God. After graduating from Grove School of Music in Southern California, Shelley has been on staff as a worship pastor at various churches, was an on air radio personality for KDOV, has taught voice lessons, and has written and traveled with her ministry Out of the Grotto Music. Shelley authored and produced The Complete Singing Voice Lesson Series, a voice training program that has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Also a gifted songwriter, Shelley has released three original CDs. Shelley currently is on staff at Grace Point Fellowship in Medford, OR and performs with her talented husband Joshua in their duo JONES in various venues on the West Coast.