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Holding a Paintbrush


Our professional artist partners, Anna Rose Bain,  Charity Hubbard's Rogue Classical Atelier are dedicated to making your learning experience valuable and unforgettable! Choose this year from dramatic landscapes, sculpting the human form or drawing techniques with classical foundations.  Explore more about each below.



Linda not only recognizes  the grandeur of the creation that surrounds us everywhere, she has honed the mastery of transforming that expanse and grandeur onto canvas.   The art world has taken notice as featured in Southwest Art,  Art of the West, Plein Air  .  From her home base in Mesa, Arizona Linda has the vast landscapes of the Southwest from which to gain inspiration. She often uses moody and emotional tones with dramatic hues and visual dynamics that come with cloudy or stormy weather, which infuse her compositions with energy.  The tempestuous scenes also conjure perceptions of movement and expectation.  Naturalistic yet expressive, her canvases exhibit a range of textures and brushwork that conspire to build dimension among the composition’s planes.

A signature member of the Oil Painters of America and a master signature member of American Women Artists, 

she cites such artists as John Singer, Sargent, Anders Zorn, and the Russian Impressionists as influential on her painting style. 

She continues to share her gift and enthusiasm by teaching workshops across the country including as a regular instructor at Scottsdale Art School.  She has a passion for emerging and developing artists and has refined effective techniques for helping students advance their skills and ways of "seeing" and advancing in just a few days.
Working on location rejuvenates Linda as she admires the beauty and acknowledges God as the divine creator of all.    Linda is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. Represented by Illume Gallery West, Montana; Mary Williams Fine Art, Boulder Colorado; Sorrel Sky Gallery, Durango Colorado; Mountain Trails Gallery of Sedona Arizona.

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Kevin Christman
Figurative Sculpture

Kevin is a multi-faceted artist, engineer, sculptor, and painter, whose works include stained glass, metal works, wood working and mosaic and many large scale public art commissions including the design and execution of the Washington Bridge design in Santa Fe.

He was a fine arts major, focused on Illustration/Fine Art at Art Center College of Design from 1988 to 1990.  In 1995 he graduated from a Master's Program at Art Institute of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He  has competed in New York at the prestigious Grand Central Academy and exhibited his work from the Salmagundi Club in New York to the MEAM in Barcelona, Spain.

Kevin’s mastery over a variety of mediums is apparent in his commissioned works including the stained glass windows and bronze sculptures at St. Mary’s Chapel in Medford to the Skate Park Memorial in Talent and the magnificent bronze angel fountain at Celia’s Hospice House in Medford.

He also is an effective communicator and leader, with a new heart and passion to influence this cultural moment with Biblical truth through words, art and public service.   He and his family live in Talent, Oregon where he and his family were recent victims, and survivors of the fires in Southern Oregon in 2020 that destroyed Kevin's art studio along with thousands of homes and businesses.

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 Charity Hubbard, founder of the Rogue Classical Atelier has been an associate of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts for over 15 years, having studied at many Masterpiece conferences and workshops with our  partnering master artists. Charity  has been a professional and fine artist for over 20 years.  She lives in Southern Oregon and finds much inspiration around her in landscape and people. 

Ascend's Artist Drawing track will features instructors from the Atelier for those who want to build their foundational drawing skills.  In this fun and vital workshop for students wanting to explore and strengthen their drawing skills for still life and portraiture and begin to translate those skills to the canvas!


The Atelier, a bustling educational classical art atelier with two locations in the Southern Oregon Rogue Valley.   The school offers a progressive program of study in the classical atelier method as well as community classes to youth, teens and adults. 


The school is an approved atelier with Art Renewal Center, the only vetting service in the world for classical art schools. Its program is an in depth planned course of study, with option to receive a certificate for 1-4 years, (roughly 500 or so hours per year).   This is an opportunity for a very thorough, extremely solid foundation in classically trained art.  This kind of studio apprenticeship is referred to as classical atelier study.   It is a highly respected and time honored way to learn to draw and paint that is passed on and imparted by classically trained artists.  

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